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Adventure Running in the Collingwood/Blue Mountains region


Dontgetlost has come North!


In 2023, we announced a new program for adults and kids who enjoy playing outside in the South Georgian Bay area. Dontgetlost has hosted events in the Blue Mountains and Collingwood areas for years, and for the first time last year, a small group of volunteer club members planned a schedule of local map and compass navigation events from spring to autumn. We were thrilled by the response and we look forward to sharing more navigation adventures with community members of all ages in Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach and around the South Georgian Bay area.

Our aim is to challenge experienced adventure athletes and offer fun adventures for novices and hikers, including children. We also plan to hold mountain bike, ski and snowshoe navigation events.


We're all volunteers and we continue to need more volunteers to help out in different ways, whether it's hanging flags in the woods, picking up refreshments at the store, helping us check in racers, taking photos at a race or writing an article for the local newspaper. In most cases, you can volunteer and participate in the event too. Please contact us at if you might be interested in helping out from time to time. Thank you! 

2024 Season - more Events will be added as the year goes on!

Loree Forest Snowshoe Scramble - *Past Event*

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Event Director: James Gallagher


A 1-hour "choose your adventure" snowshoe navigation event suitable for runners and hikers, children and seniors, experienced navigators and beginners. Use map and compass to find as many flags as you can within the time limit. 

Please register in advance.


Scenic Caves Ski-Orienteering

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Event Director: Mark Tarnopolsky


A fun point-to-point orienteering race for individual skiers using skate or classic technique. You will ski to all checkpoints on your map in numerical order from the start to the finish of your race course. Three different course distances will be offered to suit participants with different levels of experience in skiing and navigation.

Click here for more details. Please register in advance. (We expect registration to open around Feb. 7.)

More to Come in 2024 - stay tuned! 

2023 Season - Past Event Details and Results

Loree Forest Spring Adventure Run - *Past Event*

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Event Directors: Angus Doughty and Barb Campbell


Suitable for runners or hikers, experienced navigators or beginners.

There will be a free introductory clinic an hour before the start to provide an overview to novices. See the race web page for more details. Please register in advance.

Screen Shot 2023-05-19 at 1.12.53 AM.png

Collingwood Urban Map Adventure - *Past Event*

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Event Director: Amber Panchyshyn


Choose your Adventure:
1)    A pure Urban Orienteering course where you will visit checkpoints throughout the downtown Collingwood area, OR
2)    An Urban Map Adventure where you will visit checkpoints to complete Missions and get to know downtown Collingwood a little better.

See the race web page for more details. Please register in advance.


Pretty River Valley MapRun - *Past Event*

Summer 2023 - Available until September 30th, 2023

Event Directors: James Gallagher and Bob Miller


You can do this event on your own schedule using an app on your phone as you explore the forest with a map. Participants have up to 2 hours to collect as many checkpoints as they can in this stunning, valley-strewn topography of the Niagara Escarpment. Click here for more details and to sign up!

As a bonus, registrants will also receive details for a MapRun version of the 1-hour Loree Spring Adventure Course!


Kolapore Old School Orienteering - *Past Event*

November 4, 2023

Event Director: Barb Campbell

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Kolapore Wilderness Trails, we are bringing orienteering back to the Kolapore Uplands! Kolapore has a rich orienteering heritage. This beautiful forest was the venue for the 1983 Ontario Orienteering Championships, the 1985 World Masters Games and the 1998 Ontario Orienteering Championships. 

Click here for more details and to sign up!

We have more events in the planning stages and will update this page regularly.



To help us get the word out in the community, please share our info with your friends who might be interested. Thanks, and we hope to see you in the woods soon!

Contact us at:

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