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We offer a number of different options for those looking to level up their Nav Game:

Navigation Clinics

For those who are either looking to take part in their first Adventure Race or Run. These sessions are in two parts:

1) Self-Paced Portion - learn the basics of map and compass skills at your own pace with our five-part YouTube video tutorial series (about 1.5 hrs)

2) In-Person Portion - the second half of the clinic puts into practice the concepts and strategies introduced in the tutorial videos (about 2 hrs)

Nav Clincs are scheduled on select dates in the Spring through to the Fall. More details here.

Nav For Newbs

Looking for a more immersive navigation learning experience? This six week introductory adventure running program for adults may be right for you.


The focus of this program is to have participants learn and implement the basics of navigation, providing all of the introductory skills needed to take part in an adventure run (Raids or some solo adventure races). Our 'adult camp' begins mid January starting with an introduction of the basics of map reading and navigation and will, over six weeks, provide the building blocks for participants to confidently take part in an end of season race (after the six sessions) which is included as part of the program. All the deets are here.

MapRun Series (formerly X-League)

These are a series of Virtual courses that can be run in your own time which utilises an app called MapRun.

These courses are the perfect fit for:

  • A first timer who claims they could never do a Dontgetlost course (the app tells you where you are at all time)

  • People who want to get their feet wet, but can't make the dates of our In Person races and clinics

  • People looking to explore somewhere new for their runs or some variety in their usual running routes

  • Experienced navigators looking for a reason to push a little harder on their training runs

All courses are on trails, no bush whacking necessary. Learn more here!

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