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November 4, 2023

10 am Start

Kolapore Uplands Parking Lot




We're celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Kolapore Wilderness Trails with a little history of our own! It's been 25 years since the last traditional orienteering event was held in the Kolapore Uplands but the area has a rich orienteering heritage. The first-ever World Masters Games in 1985 included an orienteering race in Kolapore and the Ontario Orienteering Championships were held there in 1983 and 1998.

The Kolapore Old School Orienteering event will have an 80s/90s theme to celebrate the 40-year and 25-year anniversaries of those provincial championships.

're excited to we
lcome people of all ages, runners and hikers, novices and experienced navigators. We'll have something for all of you!


  • Novice and Regular orienteering courses have been designed using historic checkpoint locations from the 1983 and 1998 events.

  • The 1998 version of the map will be used. (More detail below.)

  • Control punches and punch cards will be used. We'll hang the results on a string like the good old days.

  • One participant is bringing an 80s playlist to create the right atmosphere for the start/finish area!

  • Optional: If you have orienteering "pyjamas" or neon outdoor clothing in the back of your closet, it will fit the theme perfectly. Bonus points if you can come up with an 80s or 90s hairstyle. Pro tip: Lots of "product".

  • We know that some attendees of the 1983 and 1998 championship events will be joining us and we'd love to see more!



Kolapore Uplands Parking Lot, 495445 Grey Rd. 2, Ravenna 

This is the main Kolapore Uplands parking lot on the east side of Grey Rd. 2, just north of Kolapore Church.

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Kolapore is hilly, rocky escarpment terrain with a well-established trail network. There are large areas of mature deciduous forest, wetlands with coniferous forest, reclaimed farmland and cliffs popular with rock climbers.

The Kolapore Wilderness Trails network consists of approximately 50 kilometres of marked trails that are managed for cross-country skiing in winter and biking and hiking in summer. The trails are located in a rugged, semi-wilderness area along the Niagara Escarpment in The Blue Mountains, about 20 km southwest of Collingwood. Trails are blazed but the network is complex and a map is recommended - even for trail users who aren't orienteering. The trails are managed by the Kolapore Wilderness Trails Association and maintained by volunteers.


KWTA receives no government support so the cost of managing the trails is covered by memberships, donations and proceeds of map sales. Users are encouraged to support the trails by joining the Association or making a donation. There is a donation box at our parking lot meeting place and we encourage orienteers to show their appreciation for the trails. Dontgetlost South Georgian Bay will also make a donation on behalf of the event.



Regular Course

Scale: 1:10,000   Contour Interval 5 meters

Novice Course

Scale: 1:7,500   Contour Interval 5 meters


The original Kolapore orienteering map was made in the early 1980s by Dick and Pat de St. Croix. It was substantially revised for the 1998 Ontario Orienteering Championships by Event Director Lloyd Bishop, Cornel Parvulescu, Susan Ryans and Laddie Haines. In the spirit of Old School Orienteering, we are using the 1998 map, which is not available in digital format and cannot be updated significantly. This will be part of the challenge! Vegetation has changed over 25 years but the trail network has changed very little. A few trail closures are indicated on the map. In testing, we found the map very useable and we chose checkpoint locations that you can still find with the old map.


Both courses will be point-to-point with optional bonus checkpoints. For safety, participants are required to return within 90 minutes, whether or not they have completed their course. The Regular Course includes three options that allow participants to navigate a shorter or longer route back to the finish. This is an individual event but participants with less experience are welcome to go out together if they register on the same course.


Participants will be given a map with numbered checkpoints to visit in sequence. This course is suitable for adults who are comfortable using a map and compass off-trail in rugged terrain and for juniors with a strong navigation background. Most participants will travel 5-6 km, much of which will be off-trail in rocky terrain with unreliable cell signal. For participants who have time for more challenge, there are extensions (Long Regular Course and Advanced Course) and optional bonus controls. 90-minute maximum.


Categories: Junior Women (Under 18), Junior Open (Under 18), Adult Women, Adult Open, Masters Women (50+), Masters Open (50+)


Participants will be given a map with numbered checkpoints to visit in sequence. All required checkpoints are along trails or very close to trails. Please bring a compass but participants on the basic Novice Course may not need to use it. Most people will travel 3-4 km in rugged terrain, mostly on trails. There are 4 optional off-trail checkpoints for participants who want a little more adventure, making this course appropriate and interesting for adults wanting to do a shorter event. This course is suitable for hikers of all ages, adult novices, adults with time constraints or children accompanied by parents. 90-minute maximum.


Categories: Juniors (Under 18), Adults (18+)



  • A Participant's age for this event is their age on December 31, 2023.

  • Participants aged 12 and under must take part with an adult.

  • A parent accompanying a participating child does not need to register for the race separately but will be asked to complete a participant waiver for themselves and their child.

  • Children aged 6 and under may accompany a participating parent on the Novice course at no charge. The parent will need to sign a waiver on their child's behalf. Note that some younger hikers may find the Novice course distance too challenging.

Newer orienteers may find the Learn Orienteering website useful. Start with the Orienteering Basics and Orienteering Maps pages, including the section on Orienteering Map Colours. Your map will have a legend and the Control Descriptions (Checkpoints) will be provided in English so you don't need to memorize symbols.


Please register online in advance to reserve a map for your desired event. We won't be able to accept entries on the day of the event. **Note that registration closes on Thursday, November 2 at 11:59 pm.**


Confirmed Registrants



Before you participate in any Dontgetlost Adventure Running event for the first time in a calendar year, you'll need to sign our Waiver. It's valid for the rest of 2023 for all events hosted by DGL in any region so you don't need to sign again if you did one of our events earlier in the year. A Parent or Guardian must sign the Waiver for any participant who will be under the age of 18 on the day of an event. Thank you!

Sign the Adult Waiver

Sign the Minor Waiver (Parent or Guardian)


50th anniversary logo 2.jpg


By October 22

ADULT: $20



By October 29

ADULT: $25



By November 2

ADULT: $30


Entry fee includes a copy of the race map, refreshments and a 2023 DontGetLost Adventure Running membership to cover race insurance.

Entry fee does not include online transaction charge or HST.

Because of the Old School Orienteering theme, participants will use punch cards so you don't need a SportIdent card. What does that mean? When you get to a checkpoint, there will be a flag with a plastic "punch" hanging from it. Use it like a stapler to make a pattern of small holes in the square on your punch card that matches the checkpoint number.
Please plan a way to carry this Tyvek punch card in a secure manner. Many people will zip it into a jacket or pack pocket. Some people use safety pins to attach it to their clothing. The dimensions are about 18.5 cm x 9 cm (7.25" x 3.5") and you can fold it.



Kolapore Uplands Parking Lot, 495445 Grey Rd. 2, Ravenna 

It's a small lot so we strongly encourage carpooling.

If the main parking lot fills up, we have permission to park at the Kolapore Uplands Community Church at 495402 Grey Rd. 2. This is on the west side of the road a little further south. They prefer us to park on the south side of their lot, away from the church. Please be careful walking back along the road.


There is a porta-potty at the parking lot, funded by the Kolapore Wilderness Trails. (Thank you!)




9:00-9:35: Participant Check-in.

9:45: Course Planner Briefing


Walk or run to Start location a short distance from parking.


10:00: Start.


11:30: Course Closed. All participants must be at the Finish.


11:00-12:15 Light refreshments 

* This will be a cupless event. You're welcome to refill your own water bottle or reusable cup from our jugs after the race. We will also offer drinks in recyclable containers.


  • Whistle

  • Appropriate clothing for the conditions

  • Basic Compass

  • Watch or other time keeping device (e.g. phone) 


  • Cell phone - for safety, not to be used for navigation except in an emergency


Random draw prizes from our event sponsors


Barb Campbell

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