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Join us for our new summer evening series! Each night will have two courses available, an introductory course for suitable for beginners and families (1-2km) and a moderate course for those with more navigation experience (3-5km). Courses will take around 30 mins to an hour to complete.


Adults & Families: $30 full season, $10 individual race

Youth: $15 full season, $5 individual race

GST and credit card fees not included

Evening Schedule

6:30pm: Registration Opens (you can pick up your map any time after this)

7:00-7:30pm: Start Window

Season Schedule

June 29

Location: McMaster University, Hamilton
Planner: Brenden Doogan


July 13

Location: Gage Park, Hamilton
Planner: Kris Gadjanski


July 27

Location: Dundas Driving Park
Planner: Courtney Stevens


August 17

Location: Ancaster

Planner: Dave Grant

August 24

Location: La Salle Park, Burlington

Planner: Jay Thompson

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