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All our clinics are designed to develop orienteering specific skills, on specialized orienteering maps (using standardized symbols, colours, and shading) with a goal of applying them in a race environment, such as DONTGETLOST Raid races, adventure running events, or adventure racing. As such, we do not cover GPS skills or backcountry hiking techniques (eg. triangulation, UTM coordinates, magnetic declination, etc.). If you have any questions, please contact our Nav Clinic savant Emil via the email at the bottom of the page.

Clinics include: use of an orienteering thumb compass, specialized maps, guided instruction, plenty of practice, and clinic handouts.



Beginner Clinic: Ancaster, ON

Intermediate Clinic: Burlington, ON


Beginner Clinics (2hrs.)

--> Sunday, April 14 (10am - 12pm) . . . . . SOLD OUT

--> Saturday, May 25 (10am - 12pm) . . . . REGISTRATION CLOSED

Intermediate Clinic (3hrs.)

--> Saturday, April 27 (10am - 1pm)  . . . REGISTRATION CLOSED

All in-person field sessions have a maximum of 10 participants.


This clinic is designed for people looking to participate in their first navigation based race or those who would like an entry level refresher. The focus is on basic map reading and orienting skills and applying them in the field.


Clinics are divided into two components:

1) Self-Paced Portion - learn the basics of map and compass skills at your own pace with our five-part YouTube video tutorial series (~ 1.5 hrs):

  • Learn to read and understand maps, map legends and scales. 

  • Basic compass skills will be introduced, for map orientation and introductory bearings.

  • Preparatory route selection and relocation techniques will be covered.

  • Learn about handrails, catching features and attack points.


2) In-Person Portion - the second half of the clinic puts into practice the concepts and strategies introduced in the tutorial videos (~ 2 hrs):

  • Improve your basic navigation skills using a map and compass in terrain.

  • Practice “aiming-off”, “attacking from above” and “contouring.”

  • Learn about judging distances in the terrain.

  • Relocation techniques are practiced in the woods.

  • Discover how planning ahead can help you stay on track.


    None - no previous navigation experience is expected and all fitness levels can be accommodated.




For this clinic you already understand the fundamentals of reading an orienteering map, as well as how to use a compass to orient yourself on the map, set a bearing, and the basics of choosing the best route to the control location. Our focus will be on mastering contours, keeping a bearing in the terrain, and route planning techniques . . . along with some other useful 'tricks of the trade'.


This clinic focusses primarily on the in-field development and application or navigational skills and techniques, but will also be in two parts:

1) Self-Paced Portion - refresh your knowledge of the fundamental orienteering skills, at your own pace and as needed, with the same five-part

    YouTube video tutorial series as provided in the Beginner Clinic (~ 1.5 hrs). Additional prep work will be assigned . . . but it's gaming fun!

2) In-Person Portion - a focus on extending and practicing the key orienteering skills needed to be a successful orienteering / adventure racer:

  • Interpreting and navigating contours.

  • Learning the effective use of route planning criteria.

  • Applying reverse leg planning to execute your route choice.

  • Practicing keeping a bearing in varied topography.

  • Learn to keep track of your course across changes in terrain.



     - basic navigation experience using an orienteering map & compass (eg. took part in a Raid / adventure run, or a team adventure race)

     - fit enough to jog / run without stopping for half an hour




Compass (or borrow one of ours), sun screen, bug spray, running shoes or hiking shoes, hiking attire. If specific equipment is required a list will be sent to you before your clinic.


We will refund 80% of registration fees if cancellation notice is received within 48 hours of start time. After this time no refund is offered.

In the case of clinics being cancelled due to weather warnings, the clinic will be rescheduled. In the case of cancellation due to an insufficient number of registrants, or inconvenient reschedule date, you'll have the option of applying your clinic fee to a future DGL race / event or the next scheduled clinic - if neither of these options are viable then a refund will be offered.


We can tailor clinics specifically for teams looking to race together or to sharpen their navigation skills at a higher level. Please inquire.


Emil Gadjanski:

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