Adventure Running has its roots in the sport of Orienteering; a sport in which participants find their way to various checkpoints across rough country with the aid of a map and compass, the winner being the one with the lowest elapsed time.

It its core, an Adventure Running race is no different. What sets them apart is that we like to add elements from other endurance sports like Trail Running, Adventure Racing and Obstacle Course Racing as well as the team work and camaraderie that comes from team based races.

You never truly know the full details of the race until you arrive on site the day of the race.

Three kilometre road run at the end of a 3 hour race? Maybe.

Team members taking turns to ascend a ski hill in the middle of the race before being allowed to leave the Aid Station? Could happen.

Team members have the option to split up and find different checkpoints? Probably.

An sense of adventure, an open mind, good problem solving skills and a sense of humour are all useful elements for a budding Adventure Runner.

Sign up for an X-League or or one of the shorter (1 hour) weekend races. You may be surprised to what you find you're capable of.

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