Have you by any chance been watching a certain a Worlds Toughest Race on Amazon Prime and want to try out for yourself?

You've come to the right place!

Weekend Races

Peak-2-Peak Adventure Run: Oct 18

Raid the Hammer Adventure Run: Nov 8

Icebreaker Adventure Run: Nov 29

We are looking into adding an 'Intro' Adventure Race category to these three races. Announcement coming early September.



A short, 40-60 minute course that can be run whenever you want! These are set in urban areas and feature a combination of road running and city trails. They are very straightforward and a great introduction for those who have never run with a map. Even people who claim 'they can't read a map' have had success.

Presently we have courses in Hamilton, KW, Barrie, Guelph, Oakville, Niagara and London. 

Further afield? Get in touch and we can look into setting a course in your local area.



Navigation Clinics

We are offering a group clinic on October 10. Visit the clinics page for more details


What are the Raids?

Info Coming Soon

What is Adventure Running Kids?

To come

What is the X-League?

Your maps are different from others I've seen. What does everything on them mean?

Most of our maps use the International Orienteering standard (ISOM 2017). Download your own copy here: https://www.maprunner.co.uk/resources/Maprunner-map-symbols-2017.pdf

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Please let us know which race/program/event you are inquiring about in the subject box. It will help us answer your question faster!