ADVENTURE RUNNING X (ARX) is an adventure running program for teenagers who want to build on their previous Adventure Running Kids®, cross country running, and/or outdoor adventure experience and meet other adventure athletes.


At the end of season participants compete against all ARX teens from the different locations at ARKFEST.

ADVENTURE RUNNING X is for teens born in 2008 or earlier.

  • U14 ARX (ages 13-14) - Born in 2008 or 2007.

  • U18 ARX  (ages 15-18) - Born in 2006 or earlier.

  • ARXtra (ages 13-18) - A 2nd weeknight of ARX offered in Niagara only - Thursday sessions aim to find a higher level of adventure with longer runs, more off trail, creek crossings, climbing, and the occasional waterfall discovery. 


Credit card and online fees not included

Early Bird (until Aug 1st)


Normal (until Sept 5)




Fee includes one hour per week of weeknight programming over the 10-week season, participation in the end of season ARKFEST and HST.


In the event a registered athlete is unable to participate in Adventure Running Kids® 

  • on or before September 5 we will refund 95% of the registration fee

  • between Sept 5 and the season start we will refund 50% of the registration fee

After the season start, no refund will be provided.

Cancellation due to sickness or injury: 95% or prorated based on weeks attended upon receipt of doctors note

If we are unable to run the program due to Provincial restrictions (ie mandated shut down), all registrations will be transferred to the Virtual Program. We will NOT provide any refund if the program needs to switch to Virtual part way through the season.


ARX runs in the communities listed below, with the same meet location as the Adventure Running Kids program running at the same time (follow link to see meet locations)










Frequently asked questions

What happens during an hour of ARX?

Compared to ARK, participants in the ARX program will spend the entire hour on ONE exercise. The exercises will alternate between a navigation focussed one week and a physical (trail running, core strength, intervals, hills etc) every other week.

What gear should my kids wear?

There is very little essential gear for Adventure Running Kids. MANDATORY In the Fall season, once it gets dark a headlamp is MANDATORY. Any participant who shows up to practice without one may not be allowed to take part. SHOES We recommend a trail shoe with an aggressive and grippy sole to handle loose trails and uneven terrain. 'Old' shoes with little to no tread should be avoided. CLOTHING Should be weather appropriate. For the early Fall/late Spring loose fitting, lightweight & breathable materials are ideal. As the weather gets cooler start to layer up with longer pants and jackets/long sleeve T-shirts. A waterpoof shell is great in wet conditions. Shorts and Tshirts are appropriate for summer, however parents should be aware of potential hazards such as insect bites (mosquitoes, ticks), sunburn, and scratches from undergrowth when running off-trail. Potential precautions include wearing light leg cover, applying sunscreen and insect repellent, and checking your kids for ticks after each session. These precautions are the same as those recommended for outdoor excursions in general and will ensure that your children are able to safely enjoy being in nature In winter conditions gear to stay warm is necessary; gloves, toques etc. Finally, clothing WILL get wet and OR muddy during some sessions! It's not the best idea to wear your favourite pair of shoes or anything you may need the next day. Clothing to be avoided: anything cotton, jeans/denim, hiking boots.

Can I volunteer with the program?

Yes! The program is whollly run by parent volunteers under the guidance of the Program Manager. The only time we need you to volunteer is during the hour your kids are signed up for! Anyone can volunteer, we need all ability levels. We need Group Leaders to run with the lead kids and help the back of the pack along. We also need Station Coaches to run the exercises each night (that are set up before hand by the Program Manager) Check the role details here: Station Coach Group Leader

Where can I sign up?

Visit the registration page. If the link to sign up for ARK is live, you can sign up!

Do you cancel if the weather is bad?

In general, ARK runs rain, hail or shine. We will cancel an ARK session under the following situations: There is an active Weather Warning or Watch from Environment Canada - at 4pm on the day of practice (unless the alert is for a weather event predicted after the session is over for the evening) A weather event that has passed has caused site conditions to become dangerous (ice storms in particular) If police are recommending people stay off the roads (snow, flooding, accidents etc) If the forecast is to be below -15ºC without windchill (-20ºC with windchill). If a session is cancelled, we will send out an email to all participants and will announce it on our Facebook page & twitter feed after 4pm of the day of the session. If thunder is heard during any session, we will cancel immediately and return to check in.

My kid is 13, but is unsure/nervous. Can they stay in U12 ARK Attack?

Absolutely. There is no issue in this situation, you can sign them up for whatever program they feel comfortable with.

My kid is not old enough, but a great runner. Can I sign them up for ARX?

We may invite younger participant to join ARX if they have shown maturity and proficiency in navigation based races. If your child would like to join this program, please contact Meghan with a list of races they have taken part in (previous season ARK Fests where they ran solo, regional orienteering races etc)

Are there nearby races teens can take part in?

Yes, every season the ARX Program Manager will provide information to registered ARX participants regarding races they can join other teens in. If racing is something your teenager is interested in, consider also signing up for the XCel program, which focusses more thoroughly on the navigation component of adventure sports.

Tell me more about compasses

Compasses are no longer mandatory equipment for Adventure Running X. They are available for purchase on the registration form. We recommend longer term participants who are capable with the basics of map reading to pick one up.

What is the difference between ARK and ARX?

The difficulty of the exercises is increased to befit the age of the participants and there is less of a focus on games. Participants are given a greater level of autonomy, they will NOT be under adult supervision 100% of the time - particularly on the navigation exercises. We expect a higher level of maturity from the participants. We should not have to discipline them or deal with bad behaviour. If we feel participants are not mature enough for for this level of program, we will move them back into an ARK Attack (U12) group.