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Pretty River Valley MapRun

A VIRTUAL race for all abilities.

Participants will have up to 2 hours to find as many checkpoints as possible using the map provided. Checkpoints will have different point values so there is some strategy involved. You can do this event on your own schedule using an app on your phone as you explore the forest with a map.

  • Choose any time to complete the race.

  • Whenever works for your schedule.

  • Plan a route and distance which works best for you.

As soon as you finish, your score is uploaded and you can compare your score against everyone else.


1. Sign Up Online

2. Complete Waiver

After you have registered, sign the online waiver:

For adults

For minors

Once completed, this waiver covers ALL 2023 Dontgetlost races.

3. Install MapRun App

This App will track you as you run, register every checkpoint you visit, and immediately upload your score after you finish the race.

4. Receive the Course Map (via email)

Plot your route then proceed to the Start/Finish location and have a great run! Please be aware it can take UP TO 48 hours for you to receive course details - we need to manually check waivers for completion.

Fees: $25 adult/$15 youth

Start/Finish Location: Google Map Link

Contact DontGetLost South Georgian Bay

***BONUS EVENT****  Loree Forest Spring Adventure MapRun

We've added the 1-hour Loree Forest event from this past spring onto MapRun as well. When you sign up for the Pretty River event, you'll also receive a map and details for the Loree Forest MapRun.   

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