XXL LEAGUE is a monthly training nav-course with a focus on speed/running under pressure. This is for the more experienced navigator to get more practice/time on the map under their belt.


For the start of 2021, the XXL League course will be available for the entire month with a virtual meet up towards the end of the month to discuss the course.

Course maps will be sent out at the start of the month, along with some details/aims of the exercise. Participants can run the course at any time over the month, multiple times if they like.


Once life (hopefully) allows group meet ups, we will transition to a monthly session either in the evening (when daylight allows) or on a weekend with a meet up afterwards at a local restaurant/bar or outdoor potluck if the weather allows.

If you can't make the date scheduled, the course will be available on MapRunF for a couple of weeks after.


The location will change monthly, but could be any of our maps in the Hamilton-Niagara-Oakville-Milton area!