Five Adventure Running Challenges - 3 long cold months. You can do it. 50% of proceeds to MapRunF.


#1: The Grunt

Chedoke Golf Course

6km 'Adventure Run' loop.

#2: The Vert

Tyandaga Golf Course

2.2km point to point course with 200m climb

#3: The Route

Mohawk Sports Park

2.5km point to point course with multiple route options on each leg

#4: The Agile

Bayfront Park

1km loop with 10 checkpoints to find in order

#5: The Misery


4km (2km out and back) on technical trail


Adults: $40

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Youth Winter Challenge Details Coming

Challenge #1: The Grunt (THE WINTER RALLY)

This is a 6km time trial loop on Chedoke Golf Course. This is a true HARD Adventure Running loop, with extensive climbs, rough trails in places and potential ice.

Clock your time with the route in MapRunF OR via Strava segment:

One final kicker, in order to log a valid time the course MUST be run either in the dark (with a headlamp of course) OR while there is snow on the ground.

Given that there is winter golf running on the eastern side of Chedoke Golf Course if either of those conditions are not met, it won't be possible to run.

Strava Segment:

MapRunF results: CURRENT TIMES

Challenge #2: The Vert

Starting from the bottom of Tyandaga Golf Course, make your way to the parking lot in City View Park. There are two checkpoint to visit along the way to add a small navigational/route challenge (and to keep people off the roads!)


Challenge #3: The Route

Time to use your brain a little more. A 2.5km course zigzagging across Mohawk Sports Park, with multiple route options. Which is the fastest? You'll probably have to run this a couple of different times to find out.


Challenge #4: The Agile

One kilometre. Fast open grassy fields of Bayfront Park. 10 checkpoints zig-zagging all over the place that must be done in order. Can you turn on a dime and run in a straight line? 


Challenge #5: The Misery

Just a simple out and back along a 2km section of the Lafarge 2000 trail. No navigation to worry about. This one won't be a problem at all, we're just putting it in to be nice.




#1: The Scavenger

Dundurn Castle

Locate 10 landmarks as quickly as possible

#2: The Fast

Tyandaga Golf Course

1km all downhill

#3: The Stairs

Chedoke Golf Course

2.5km course with Chedoke and Dundurn stair climb

#4: The Loop

Churchill Park

1.5km completely running loop with almost no climb

Challenge #1: The Scavenger

10 landmarks to discover in whatever order you choose.

Challenge #2: The Fast

Starting from the top of Tyandaga Golf Course, make your way down in any way you want to the lowest point on the course. 

Challenge #3: The Stairs

Climb both the Chedoke AND Dundurn stairs on this course.

Challenge #4: The Loop

1.5km loop of Churchill Park. No bells, whistles or hills, just run as fast as you can!

Challenge #5: The Mystery

To be released in March, will be determined by popular vote.

All Youth challenges are designed to be completed with a parent

Fee: $25 (parents running along do not need to register separately)

Fastest overall male and female time in both Adult and Youth challenge win free entry to one Dontgetlost non-Raid race in 2021

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