The X-League is a chance to practice and develop your navigation skills in a low key competitive format every week.

Details for the X-League have moved to our new site!



All runs will be in urban areas, with all checkpoints either on roads or trail.

There will be no flags or ribbons

The course will be run via MapRunF. An app that will track you through the course on your devices GPS and automatically tallies your score!

(We will provide assistance on the App to first time users for anyone who struggles)

You can run the X-League course any time after the map is mailed out through to end of day Sunday!

We will also require a completed waiver for every participant if you haven't completed it already (it will be good for the entirety of 2020 however!).

Registration and payment MUST be undertaken online.

Link to online waiver for adults

Link to online waiver for minors (to be signed by a parent/gaurdian)

Each week we will email out the course, start location AND the 4 digit code to access the course in MapRunF to all registered participants . No registration, no waiver, no run.

Continue to undertake physical distancing. We are continuing with this series solely to give people an opportunity to get their daily exercise. These are meant to be run solo or with a member of your household. If you arrive at the start location and there is another party getting ready - please give them a 5-10 minute berth.

Sign up online any time before the run closes for the week


GPS watch or Smartphone with MapRunF app installed

Headlamp in the Fall & Winter Season


EXAMPLE RACE MAP (click to enlarge)

All controls.png