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Vampire League is a series of races based on the popular orienteering game "Vampire-O"

**For those who participated in our Grinch Race in December, 2022, this series will be familiar 


Race and Series Details 

Vampire is a speedy game where the goal is to find 12 checkpoints and return to the finish within a 60 minute timeframe...just don't get caught by one of the "Vampires". The first participant (or family) back to the finish with a completed map (all 12 checkpoints punched) wins, however if your map is stolen by a Vampire mid-game, you switch places (becoming a Vampire) while the former Vampire takes over your map and all your completed checkpoints and can now win by completing just the remaining checkpoints you hadn't visited yet. Combining navigation, tag and snakes and ladders (when you are caught, you slide down the metaphorical game board), Vampire is a great entry into basic orienteering through a game suitable for all ages. 

If you are looking to improve your speed, map reading on the fly and tag proficiency this series is for you! 

Finishing times will incur points toward the overall series win. Winners of each division will receive 300 points, second place 250 points, third place 200 points and all others that finish the map within the 60 minute time cap will receive 100 points. Those that finish the game as a vampire will receive 50 points.

10 Bonus points will be provided for the top three in each division that complete the final, which may make for an interesting finish!

Series Schedule 

Race 1: Hidden Valley, Burlington February 1st   RESULTS

Race 2: Lasalle Park, Burlington, February 22nd RESULTS 

Race 3:Bayfront Park, March 30th RESULTS 

Race 4 (final): Kerncliff Park April 27th 

Race Day Schedule 

Registration: 6:45pm

Race Start: 7:00pm

Race Finish: 8:00pm


Solo Male

Solo Female

Junior Male (under 18)

Junior Female (under 18)

Family (but families are ranked as a single entity)

Race Fee/Series Fee

Single Race (adults) ~ $15

Series Price (adults) ~ $50

Single Race (Junior, under 18) ~ $8

Series Price (Junior, under 18) ~ $25

Family Single Race ~ $30

Family Series Price ~ $100

Mandatory Gear

A functioning Headlamp


Jay Thompson

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