DontGetLost is excited to announce the return of the Golden Leaf Orienteering Festival albeit a smaller and simplified version but including the Ontario Championships. This two-day event will take place November 19-20 when the visibility and runnability of the forest is at its best. Saturday is the championship day with a middle distance in the morning at Camp Manitou and a sprint at Lowville Park in the afternoon, both venues nestled in the world heritage site Niagara Escarpment just north of Burlington, ON. These areas have never been used before for a race including any of DontGetLost’s popular adventure runs Raid the Hammer or Raid the Rib. A bonus event to a reduced price will be offered on the Sunday, a mass start at Camp Manitou.



Middle Distance at Camp Manitou. First start preliminary at 11:00 AM

Sprint at Lowville Park. First start preliminary at 3:00 PM


Mass Start at Camp Manitou. Start time preliminary at 10:00 AM.


Courses and Categories

Course lengths will be posted closer to the date. Number of courses and age categories are subject to change.


Recreational Courses

Two recreational courses will be offered on Saturday, Novice and Intermediate. Participants will need to register online in advance in either Open Novice or Open Intermediate. Participants will be permitted to go out on course as a group. Since there are no age categories on Sunday, participants can choose to register for any of the three courses offered. The shorter course will have the character of a Novice course.



Please visit zone4 for registration


Early fees to October 30 – add $10 for adults and $5 for students and juniors until November 14 per event. All three events will be $90, $60 and $50 respectively

Middle - $35 (adults), $25 (students), $20 (juniors)

Sprint - $25 (adults), $20 (students), $15 (juniors)

Mass start - $20 (adults), $15 (students), $10 (juniors)

All three events - $70 (adults), $50 (students), $40 (juniors)

Entrance fee to Camp Manitou and Lowville Park is included in the registration.

All proceeds will go towards DontGetLost’s Adventure Running Kids program.


Race information Middle Distance

Location: Camp Manitou

Terrain: A mix of forest and open fields with a smaller trail system. The forest is relatively open but that are some sections that are denser and more difficult to run through. There are a few marshes and some areas with rocky ground. All courses will pass a creek that is crossable at all points runners are expected to cross.

Map: Made by Coti Marian in 2016. Some smaller revisions made fall 2022. Scale 1:7500

Courses and Categories

Start times will be pre-assigned.

1 – MF 10, MF12, Open Novice

2 – MF 14

3 – MF 16, Open Intermediate

4 – MF 75+

5 – MF55+, MF65+

6 – F20, F21+, F35+, MF45+

7 – M20, M21+, M35+

Race Information Sprint

Location: Lowville Park

6207 Lowville Park Rd, Burlington, ON L7P 0A6


Park area with open grass areas as well as forested sections with a variety of runnability and visibility connected by a trail network. A smaller number of buildings and shelters are scattered throughout the park. A larger creek runs through the park and can only be crossed on bridges marked on the map.

Map: Made by Coti Marian in 2016. Some smaller revisions made fall 2022. Scale 1:4000


Courses and Categories

1 – MF10, MF12, MF14, M75+, Open Novice

2 – MF16, MF55+, M65+, Open Intermediate

3 – MF20, MF21+, MF35+, MF45+

Sunday (Mass Start)

The map and terrain are the same as the middle distance and the same controls will be used but in a different order.

Short (2-3 km)

Intermediate (4-5 km)

Advanced (7-8 km)

Manitou Snippet.png
Lowville Snippet.png