Coming in 2023, we will offer two trainng sessions per month that are available at any time for you to run, as many times as you like over the month.

MNT: Beginner

These will be a MapRun Virtual course in our old X-League format. It will be a 40-60 minute scramble, which means you can visit as many checkpoints as possible, scoring points for each checkpoint. Make sure to finish in the time limit, you will start losing points for every minute you are late!

This is a completely virtual (no markings on the ground).

This format is excellent for beginners as the app will tell you where you are at all times (no chance of getting lost!)

As soon as you finish, your score is uploaded to the app leaderboard and you can compare your score against everyone else!

MNT: Competition

For those who are keen to learn and practice more advanced navigation skills to prepare for our races (Raid the Rib, Peak-2-Peak etc)

For these courses, at the start of the month we will email out a pdf of a course that can be completed at any time. MapRun will not be used for these course, we will have ribbons or flags marking the checkpoints in the woods.


$50 for a 2023 annual subscription (includes BOTH Beginners and Competition courses, tax/credit card fees additional)

$30 for youth/student

$5 for an individual course

MNT: Beginners

2023 Schedule coming December 2022

MNT: Competition

2023 Schedule Coming December 2022