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GLO Fest Classic Events Information

Golden Leaf Orienteering Fest – November 18 & 19, 2023

City View Park, Burlington, ON

START LOCATION [Saturday & Sunday events]

City View Park pavilion, 2500 Kerns Rd, Burlington --> [Google Map link]

There is ample parking available to the west of the soccer fields. The start for both

days will be close to the parking lots with registration (including SI rental cards and

waivers) located by the park pavilion.

There are washrooms in the pavilion as well as an indoor space both of which we

are sharing with other park users. Please don’t enter the building with metal studded

shoes. Feel free to use the area around the soccer fields to warm up however

everything beyond the soccer fields is the competition area.


There are four choices for the classic events, with no age categories, just self-select the course which best suits your abilities:


City View Park.png
Sat. Classic.png

All courses will begin with open fields and a variety of different vegetation. There is an extensive trail network throughout the area. The novice course will stay on the trails, but the other courses will venture off trail and especially the advanced courses will experience some woods that have slower sections. This beginning section is flat but that will change once you head down the escarpment where everything is forested, and the woods are very open with mostly excellent visibility and runnability; however, there are ridges and valleys to cross so everyone will experience some climbing. There are many trails below the escarpment as well. All courses will remain below the escarpment before the final climb to the top and the finish with the exception of the long advanced course. This course will take runners back up the escarpment and into an area, albeit small, that is super nice, before heading down the escarpment again - hey, you signed up for this. The long advanced course will also cross a road twice, so please use caution.


Sun. Classic.png

Except for a tiny bit in the beginning and the end, all four courses are in the forest. There is still an extensive trail network, but the ground is a bit more rugged and rocky in places and the trails are generally smaller, but still clear to follow. It is especially rocky near the escarpment, and the advanced courses will bring you here, so some kind of ankle support is recommended for anyone with weak ankles. This forest is everything from open and fast to the opposite, dense and slow. Keeping an eye on the vegetation boundaries will be important. At this time of the year, the light green is usually runnable, but if you going to the dark green, you are gambling. The long advanced course will go below the escarpment again today and those runners will re-acquaint themselves with the ridge and valley type of topography. All courses will cross a road twice - please use caution.

Starts will be staggered every minute, with up to four participants in the same starting time block (each would be running a different course). This classic start format is: call up box (3 min. prior to start time); advance to pick up control description (2 min. prior to start time); advance to pick up course map (1 min. prior to start time); GO! (at your start time). Please be at the start, warmed up, at least ten minutes prior to your assigned start time. Download will be at our base location at the pavillion.



Saturday & Sunday

  9:00: Check-in opens
10:00: First start
12:00: Race course closure

Start times are posted on the main event page

Questions – e-mail Hans:

GLOF Classic photo 2.jpeg
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