Adventure Running 365



Due to the announcement from the Ontario Government, we are suspending all Adventure Running 365 courses. Once green spaces open up again, we will restart the program.

We will still be running our X-League season through the Spring with some changes. Run any time from Thursday->Sunday. New location every week, completely touch free.

We are setting up courses that can be completed in your own time, any time, over the coming weeks.

How does it work? After you sign up we will send you a pdf copy of a local public forest or park are with a number of checkpoints (orange and white flags). Using the map, try to find as many of them as possible.

We are offering 2 varieties of course:

Map Hike: Particularly designed for newcomers with no map reading experience and families who are at home together and would like to get out, all the checkpoints will be on trails or visible from trails. Total distance to cover to visit all checkpoints may be between 2 and 5km (though you can pick and choose which checkpoints to visit)

Adventure Run: These will be the same format as our X-League races. There will be a number of checkpoints on the map with a rated difficulty based on how hard/easy they are to find. Some may be off trail (in locations where this is acceptable).

This format is recommended for people who have already completed in previous Dontgetlost races or upon completing a Map Hike with no problems.

More details about X-League races can be found here.

We offering this opportunity for free at this time. All we ask is that if you post on Social Media about the experience, please tag us.

Facebook: @dontgetlostadventurerunning

Instagram: @dontgetlostar

Twitter: @dontgetlostrun


PLEASE NOTE WE WILL SEND MAPS OUT TO ONE HOUSEHOLD PER DAY. Complete that one, then sign up for the next - this will ensure we can control exactly how many people are going into any of the areas.

Finally, we'd like to emphasize participants still adhere must adhere to social distancing advisories. There is no need to touch the flags, just getting within sight of them is enough.