Three X-League Races to complete over the Family Day Long Weekend

La Salle Park

Dundurn Castle

Battlefield Park

What is it?

3 X-League courses available ONLY over the Family Day Weekend

X-League course?

Check out all about our X-League series here.

How much?

$30 for all three courses (plus tax/credit card fees).

$30 per person?

Kind of. The registration covers one start/result for each course. If you are a family of four or a couple running together on one device, the fee covers everyone. 

If you are family of four all starting and running individually, we ask you to register each member individually.

Can I sign up for just one?

No sorry, this is a package of three only.

I signed up, why haven't I heard anything?

All course details will be sent out on Friday, Feb 12 after registration closes.

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